Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Coax Me-Sloan

Canadian power pop dorks, essentially like a more esoteric and less menacing (and now) less shitty Weezer. No, scratch that. It's hard to say, their first, Smeared is shoegazey and eclectic, including the Three Bulls! theme song "Underwhelmed", a song which essentially prophesies the geeky college indie music/blogger, and the stunning "I Am the Cancer". The second, Twice Removed was much less fuzzy, moving towards eclectic AM indie pop, and that is whence "Coax Me" comes. Non-sensical and punny, the lyrics seem written especially for Pinko Dorko's benefit, as he tends to notice the snarky turn of phrase. They have three of those type songs off of this one, today's song, "Penpals" and "Bells On" (the latter being the ultimate "I'm so sad I like this one girl but she doesn't notice me, but I'm pathetic in a secretly empathetic way"). Here's "Coax Me" (later in the week I'll write up a recommended list from this band, who really only have one crappy album out of a bunch- their latest).

It all seemed to happen so fast
Will you ever believe the way he passed away
I saw his widow speak on her fortune
She was feelin' pretty apathetic

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me

If I drink concentrated OJ
Can I think Consolidated's okay?
It's not the band I hate, it's their fans
Three cans of water perverts me

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me

And after he died
By rights she'd have cried
I gave mine away
I gave mine away

I saw a widow's peak on her forehead
It was full of lines and sinkers

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me
Bonus lyrics: "Bells On"

While I'm at this funeral
You're in New York
I've been dividing my grieving
You're sleeping with a mutual friend

I dreamed that I kissed your mouth
And you thought about me
Over Christmas
Oh, you might know who I am
But I know who you are
Your heart is in your art
And mine's in New York

I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve
You're sleeping with a mutual friend
And I want to be with you again
And again
And again
I've thought about you a lot lately
So flash me your metal smile

I'm thinking about you
You're thinking about
New York
Though to you your friend was hurt
To him I owe him money
Will you pay back the thirty dollars
That he thinks I owe him?
But I don't owe him anything

If you had a funeral
I'd be there with bells on
La la la la la...

If I had a funeral
Would you even care?
Would you wear your silver dress?
Would you actually wear lipstick?
Would you lie upon my grave?
And be there with bells on
So you could ring me from this life?
From this life
From this life
So you could ring me from this life