Thursday, July 07, 2005

Exciteable-Def Leppard

Sitting around 2nd period, trig?, maybe third period drama. Bell rings half hour early. Oh yeah, there's an assembly today. They just come out of nowhere. What is it? Dance Concert. Dance Concert? I'll just sleep in the back. People shuffle in, maybe talk to one another. I just sat by myself, thinking I was going to go to sleep anyway. Lights go down, way down. Some figures, too dark to see thake their places onstage. A voice comes over the PA, some processed weirdness, "are you excitable?" What the?

Then the gyrating, high school flashdance chunk of cheesesteroid flattens the place while engendering salutes from the pubertationally competant. I can't say that I felt it was sexy per se. For 4.5 minutes, though, one became utterly convinced that the upcoming junior and senior years would be a runaway train of delightfully hedonistic debauchery, if one would only pay the nerd piper for one crappy year. Thanks, Def Leppard, and High School Dance Team. Thanks for filling my head with lies and deception. What seemed at the time to be a funk hammer statement of unbridled testosteration, was merely a Def Leppard preformed sh*t nugget designed for concert openers and toss off 6th singles. Thanks, c*ck teasers. Thanks for nothing.