Thursday, July 14, 2005

Emotional Rescue-The Rolling Stones

I make no apologies for this song. I don't care if it is disco. I don't care if it is period of the Stones' that most would like to forget coming off the oh so very high hump (68-72) and a lot of hump it was. The song starts with some Charlie Watts' high hat and associated drumming, in slinks Bill Wyman. I'm not even sure if Keef is on this track. Anyway, first it sounds all romancy, then it sounds like Mick has one of his epic bouts of blue balls, I mean he is crying, crying over you and then of course, once success is in his sights as it will always be, he confidently comes to your emotional rescue, on his fine Arab charger, leaving, of course the sexual ravishment unstated, but definitely understood. Oh yeah, there's a little bit of Keef at the end. The falsetto f*cking kills. He's going to own you and he defines his sexual satisfaction as your emotinal rescue. Possibly one of their sleaziest songs, up there with "Monkey Man" and "Live with Me" but probably more a surreptitious "Under My Thumb." A f*cking plus, boys.