Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Interruptions-Rogue Wave

Reservations regarding the fact that the name impresario behind Rogue Wave is named Zach Rogue or something like that notwithstanding- hello Slaughter, hello Winger, hello Accept? This little gemmo is a B-side to the first single, 10:1 from these San Fran? lush indie popsters. His voice can have at times a distant, soft edge, hard to explain, but Steven Mason (Beta Band) can do the same thing. The song comes off like a pillowy stomp, and is 90% excellent, hits some run-of-the-mill moments into and through the chorus. Of course the outro is just stunning. Has some perfectly shimmery bits. The A-side is pretty good too, and completely different. I heard Interruptions first, so I was forced to get the single instead of the album. I believe Fulsome bought this album at porkfest. Hopefully he'll clue us in in comments.