Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mandinka-Sinead O'Connor

Why this song was never a huge hit in the US, I'll never know. Oh maybe it's because a bunch of sillies hearing this tune thought it was the B-52s. I guess when people start from zero, there is no such thing as ability to discriminate between some things that are completely different from one another. Of course I am an egotistical bastard, so when people think things are similar that I don't, I assume that they are being less sophisticated in their hearing, as opposed to me missing out on some subtle similarity that they are picking up. Mostly its because they have demonstrably crappy taste in music. Well, this tune goes out to Blue Girl. The song is forceful, put together, has a killer riff and has spunk and backbone, and whatever you think of Sinead, she tells it how she thinks it. It's just a great song. And I was thinking it reminded me of BG.