Friday, December 09, 2005

Images of Heaven-Peter Godwin

So Pop Ren hooks me up with a song that has probably been in the back of my brain for a super long time, meaning I knew there was a particular song that I couldn't remember, and this was that song. That's twice in the last two weeks (the other was Adorable's "Homeboy"). This song was going to be my secret weapon in the war against Gavin M., but it sprained a calf-muscle out of the gate and I pulled it for something more nefarious. I didn't want to cause Gavin to retreat to his dark place, thinking of the dance floor blossoming of shy-Goth girl Samantha whatshername as he airdrummed his make believe Simmons electronic drum pads in his black jeans. Going home alone, like Morrissey said he would, he would cry into his pillow, thinking of this wistful modern rock masterpiece. Raising his meek voice in prayer to Dear Lord "why have you made me, Pinko Punko er Gavin M., such a cobag?" Only later would he find out that that sweet shy girl really had a crush on him, braces and all, but she was only waiting for him to ask her to dance to this very song, and since I didn't, er Gavin didn't, she married Bruce from Pittsburgh but treasured her TDK 60 minute mix tape of rare 12 inch singles that someone left her anonymously. Or at least that's how this song makes it feel like it happened, and I wouldn't want Gavin to revisit that bad place.

Irregardless*, a great song, legitimizing all possible derivations of the Flock of Seagulls flip [link to awesome Gavin post utilizing Flock of Seagulls here- thanks for tagging it with nothing relating to the band, save phonetically representing the synths on the track. Cobag].

*Lest Seitz think I used that "word"