Thursday, December 01, 2005

23 Minutes in Brussels-Luna

Dean Wareham's (formerly of slow-core heroes Galaxie 500) now sadly caput second band, Luna, never got the reverence they deserved. For several reasons, one being the cobag music press loves to inflate the legend of G500. The Wareham sound, slow and deliberate, and fuzzy with his G500 cohorts Damon and Naomi, became cleaner and more tasteful, refined as it were, and refined is never new. Well, the man should be a guitar hero, and middle period album Penthouse, whence this song comes, is full of his meandering sinuous leads, never noodling, always embroidering. I can only descibe this kid of guitar sound as finger tips rippling still water. Does that make sense, because that's what it sounds like. His nasal vocal delivery will grow because the music is so good.

This song may also be an obscure reference to Suicide's "23 Minutes Over Brussels". Of course I drop that ref like I know something, but I don't know shit. I was in the Amoeba over in the Haight the other day, and they were playing this amazing album, full of scary vocals and moody, noisy soundscapes and some weird shimmering Farfisa-type organ, sounding slightly like Clinic, except a million times creepier. I ask the clerk what they are playing as I usually do (and not to suck up, I only ask if I like it, I think record clerks are usually totally awesome and helpful and only sometimes snobby, but when they are snobby I want to yell at them. Somehow, they can make you feel like sh*t, they have some serious power, the record store clerks) and the lady went and checked, and said "Suicide, the first album- the self-titled one."

I go look at the CD and see that it came out in the 70s and I was expecting it to have come out in 93 or something. And then I felt sad for myself. I always wanted an older brother or someone to share all these cool bands with me and expand my world view. My little sister is WAY more plugged in that I was, partly because of me, but now she has left me in the dust. Where were you pop renaissance? Where were you when I wanted to go to the Jesus and Mary Chain/Curve/Spiritualized show at St. Andrews? Where were you, Gavin M., with all your obscure art-scene crazy bands? Scratch that, I would have crapped myself at some of those Gavin shows. COMMENT PREDICTOR:

"I saw Suicide like 4 times at the CBGB, we opened for them one time."

Posted by Gavin M. 3:24 am