Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It'll End in Tears (I Won't Cry)-The Lilac Time

Late 80's retro-popsters (still in existence) led by Stephen "Tintin" Duffy, retro in sensibility but of a certain 80's feel on this album, specifically the production on this album (& Love for All) courtesy of Ian Broudie. The sound presages Broudie's band The Lightning Seeds and fits somewhat with Dream Academy as well, but more real instruments. We imagine this particular song in a lost John Hughes/Real Genius hybrid. The good guys are implementing their plan and this soundtracks the intervening "stuff happening" (welding, the illicit obtaining of materiel, shopping, observing the bad guys, working out) montage. In this case it would be awesome because the song is good, and the montage has not yet become a hackneyed CSI Miami total bullsh*it where people spin down a single tube at a time in some neon porn set laboratory. However, getting back to the Scooby gang of our film- the question- why will it end in tears? Does the plan fail? Are the tears the deserved retribution visited upon the vice-principal? The dumpchuck jock ex of the love interest? Or the drill sergeant of the camp for troubled youth? All I know is that the good guys are defiant, and they're not gonna cry, especially not when converting the car into a convertible, blowtorch style.