Thursday, October 06, 2005

Video Extra - "For Love" - Lush

Fairly average collection today. U2 was present for the second straight day, an "Alternative" rarity. Wire made their weekly appearance, as did Bob Mould (with Sugar), Frank Black (solo), and the Cure. Shockingly, today was both Sisters of Mercy and Weller free. Possibly the first time this has ever happened on "The Alternative".

Today's selection features something not often seen in alternative videos of the last 20 year. That, of course, is hot chicks. Yesterday's selection notwithstanding, if an alternative video has a hot chick in it, generally it's because she's in the band. Lush featured the oh-so-hot Miki Berenyi, and the not-quite-as-hot-but-still-attractive Emma Anderson, both on guitar, while the dude's handled the rhythm. Sort of the anti-Stratford Four.

There's really no story to this video. It's pretty much just the band playing their instruments, while Miki occasionally does something with some flowers. This is what I call "brilliant direction". When you've got hot chicks in your video, especially ones for which you don't need to pay extra, you use them.

As for the tune, this was the one of the singles off of Spooky (along with Nothing Natural and Superblast), the band's second LP. It's pretty much your basic shoegazer fare with a female vocalist, though not as crunchy and out there (and ground breaking) as My Bloody Valentine. With it's nice hooks and steady bass, this was one of the more radio friendly tracks on the album. They really wouldn't come out of this sound until releasing Lovelife in 1996, shortly before the suicide of drummer Chris Acland.

That wraps up the weekday episodes of the Alternative. It will air again Sunday at 10:00 am and pm. Videos not selected include the Hindu Love Gods' "Raspberry Beret", B.A.D. II's "the Globe", the Waitresses' "Make the Weather", and James' "Say Something".
[Ed.- which Lush had "Shake Baby Shake"? That was a mean spririted album, especially the duet with Jarvis Cocker.]