Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Seitz Video Extra - "When She Begins" - Social Distortion

So Pinko gave me a key, inspired by this post on my own small piece of internet real estate, and since today was the first showing of VH-1's "The Alternative" since that momentous occasion, I thought I'd break the ice. It's a long one today, but as I'm "into the whole brevity thing", I'll try to keep them shorter in the future. I'd explain how this is going to work, but I a) havent' really figured it how I want to do it yet, and b) wasn't given instructions. So I'm on my own, and you all get to live with the results.

Today's episode was a bit on the weak side for my tastes. Rest assured, we had a Style Council video. Can't let a show go by without Paul Weller. There were the weekly appearances by Fishbone, Peter Murphy, and the Jesus and Mary Chain. As much as love JAMC, I'd appreciate something other than videos off Psychocandy once in a while. Don't get me wrong, it's a great album, but throw me some Honey's Dead once in a while. Maybe even a little Automatic. A guy like me really appreciates the occasional showing of Blues From a Gun.

I chose today's video not because of it's cinematic brilliance, but rather because it was a weak show overall, and I've always really liked this song. I'll be honest, I could have sworn this album, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, came out a long time after their self titled album, but apparently it was only a couple of years. I guess it just seems like it took them a long time considering both albums are pretty much full of the same song.

The setting is the Hollywood Palladium, where the band is playing a sold out show. The band is rocking, the crowd is rolling, and outside, on a surprisingly empty Sunset Blvd., a lone rockabilly chick (who, admittedly, is quite the spicy little number) stands outside with a rose, presumably to give to Mike Ness if she can talk her way past security. One wonders, if she's such a big fan, why didn't she just buy a freaking ticket? Cut to the crowd surfing fans, the inked up Ness, and back to our poor soul, who keeps on knockin', but can't get in. Just an aside, I saw these guys once at the Sun God Festival at UCSD around 1997 or so, and I don't remember any crowd surfing. Anyway, the big mean security guards keep shuttin' the door on her, and for some reason, they never think to offer her entrance in return for a blow job. More band shots, more mean security guards. Surely, you're thinking, this must end happily. Someway she'll sneak in and hand her flower to Ness, both literally and figuratively. Well, it does end happily...for Ness, who likely would have subjected himself to all sorts of communicable diseases, not to mention sloppy seconds, had the girl been allowed backstage. The girl is denied entrance, and moseys down the walk of fame, dropping her Rose on a star that probably has some significance, but frankly, I couldn't read it. Seriously, I went frame by frame on a 50" wide screen TV and couldn't make out the name.

I should probably rate this video on some sort of scale with a funny measurement device, like "I give it two meatballs" or something, but I'm not funny enough to think of a unit, so feel free to make suggestions. Videos seen but not reviewed from this episode include Pere Ubu's "Waiting for Mary", Ween's "Push th' Little Daisies", the Thompson Twins' "King For a Day", and Tom Verlaine's "Town Called Walker".

[Ed. -did they show this video?]