Thursday, September 01, 2005

Three-Hope Chest

Song of the Day regular pop renaissance has a band! A band that is accomplished, and plays the kind of music that we like- called shoegaze by some, this tune available for download here. The band is reminiscent of the ringing sound of Cocteau Twins, slowdive and Ride. The voice is a little slowdive, but in another song I felt a little of the Church. I think it is tough to produce this sound without sounding tinny- let's just say that some shoegaze albums are among the most expensive of all time. I would be that the song sounds better live, but all in all a nice tune in my fave genre. I believe this is a demo track, so all in all a nice effort. Filled out a little ont he low end, and I think it would become more resonant. I like it, and I am glad that pop renaissance stops by, I can tell pr loves music, and his/her input is appreciated. Interestingly, my party shuffle hopped to My Bloody Valentine afterwards, and the drums sounded similar. Great job, pop ren.- we finally know someone in a band that plays music up our alley, and it doesn't suck!