Friday, September 09, 2005

Sussudio-Phil Collins

pop renaissance guests. His band page here.

Ahhhh...set the way-back machine to the days of "night flight" on the usa network...

At a glance, merely the kind of lyrics you'd expect from someone who looks like phil collins: totally diggin' this girl's scene, and he's just got to figure out a way to get baby between the sheets. Problem is, baby ain't sendin' no signals and he ain't sure she's even down with a little phil (and let's face it, he IS a little phil). Typical boy-meets-girl, boy-wants-girl.

But then there's that name - sussudio. It's not merely the title. He says it about 94 fucking times in the song. As a matter of fact, we should have seen it coming cos he says in the chorus "i feel so good if i just say the word 'sussudio'". and he proves saying it the remaining 83 times.

So what the fuck is it? We're led to believe it's a girl, but there is no one on this planet who would name a child sussudio (except, i imagine, a phil collins fan). Personally, i think ol' phil was pretty pissed up the night the band was jamming this and one of the horn players, who had been doing shots of scotch with phil since midday, pulled phil in the back to relive a bit of the old genesis days with a joint the size of a drumstick that was being passed around by the horn section. Phil deflected a couple of taunts but the pull of the reefer was too great - next thing you know he's high as a kite, scat singing for all he's worth, of which the term "sussudio" was a result. the rest of it, thankfully, was faded into oblivion.

I will tell you now, you do NOT want to suffer the extended version. my parents were big on phil collins and i can safely say there is nothing less necessary than a phil collins 12" mix.

Ed note: I heard this in the car the other day and actually turned it up. I know, I suck. But I rolled up the window first to hide my shame. You know you would have done the same thing. Don't lie.