Wednesday, September 21, 2005


2:25. Justine, etc. play Dr. Phil with your impotence, yeah they consider the fact that it could be her, but you know it’s you. They give you an out, maybe you’ve met someone else. You know that’s not the reason. And don’t try that “well, she’s hideous, I can’t bring myself…” You know that’s not true either. Here’s what true: your wallowing in patriarchy has led you to the point of abject decrepitude in the face of a liberated sexual dynamo. So when she sings:

Is there something you lack/
When I’m flat on my back?/
Is there something that I can do for you?/
It’s always something you hate/
Or maybe something you ate/
Or tell me is it the way that I touch you?
Have you found a new mate/
And is she really great/
Or is it just that I’m much to much for you?

It’s the latter, OK?

[Ed. With Atlas Shrugged, it’s that she’s totally crazy]