Saturday, September 24, 2005

Station Approach-Elbow

Out domestically maybe soon, maybe not. Pitchfork already crapped on the import. Elbow tend to be tasteful in the Doves/Radiohead/More proggy than Travis Englishy oeuvre. I happen to like a bunch of songs from their first one, namely "Newborn" which is great live. "Station Approach" is just a slowly building type of song that sneaks up on you from the OK to the good to the really good category, but it stays reined in, it doesn't reach the absolute crushing awesome slightly bombastic heights of "Newborn" but I'm happy I just heard it on sweet WOXY. Oh, same goes for the new My Morning Jacket and the new Calla. These are all worth not changing the station when they come on, or to look for a download from the bands' sites.

UPDATE: I just heard it again, and it was even better, key line: "goths and goons fill the streets..."