Friday, September 23, 2005

Ocean House-Parsley Sound

Whispered, ultra-retro English feeling neo-psychedelia. Sounds so old, yet new and tastefully lacking flute. Perfect for sliding into place in your Wes Anderson knockoff film in the Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack slot. Thing is this song is good enough to be in the real deal, but Wes would have to pretend it was some old band to do that. He is the master of affected retro. I have a never ending love affair with Bottle Rocket, a long distance crush on Rushmore, and off and on again restraining-order featuring thing with The Royal Tenenbaums (I’m just not that easy, but maybe I am) and I haven’t brought myself to call Steve Zissou’s number that I saw on the bathroom wall. I know if I had someone press some vinyl with this tune, put it in a distressed sleeve, and sent it to Wes, he’d love it with me, and we’d be able to share something again.