Thursday, September 15, 2005

No Joy In Mudville-Death Cab For Cutie

Right off the bat I'm not gonna talk about the OC or selling out or any of that crap. I don't love this band because he usually sounds like he's singing his diary to something that's not really a tune in a bad meandering way, worse the band usually seems like it is going in another direction. Many of their songs do not have an imposed sense of structure. Bands I like better also have this tendency, even my beloved Smiths, on their less successful tracks do this. Interpol does it as well (in fact they do it all over their boring newer album). This absolute GEM from DCFC does not do that. The song is a quiet builder that sounds like an amazing band showed up to open mic night at the empty coffee shop after the poetry slam let out. The room feels small, but he has just enough metallic reverb on his voice that you can feel the space perfectly and you hand on his amplfied breath. He does not sing about skin or touching which he always seems to be going on about. The song build with the feel of a plaintive, slow drunken waltz, yet it is the purpose and quiet charm of the band that makes you feel like you want to listen. With some amazing pop songs, you feel like all the notes are the right ones intuitively, this is the opposite, you can't predict where the song goes, but after you have been there, you can't think it could have been better otherwise.

Postscript: their new radio track sings about skin, faces, etc. and sounds like a diary entry, and many will claim it is too slick. It actually sounds incredibly well put together. Much better than the overcooked electronic noodling of The Postal Service which undercuts his voice and makes it sound more maudlin than you thought it could.