Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lazy Line Painter Jane-Belle and Sebastian

Considering the number of songs I love by this band (not a huge amount), I seem to have a lot of their CDs. I think the reason is, their great songs are so great, you are compelled to buy the stuff, even if you have that oh so lamented ratio of two great songs on an album of a lot of songs. Great, that’s your license to steal, cuz that’s like oh so douchey! See, when I buy tons of CDs and I know someone that has two legit CDs and 1500 stolen ones I get pissed- they don’t even have the argument of “I hate paying for a CD with all that filler”- uh, they never did in the first place. I digress. This song is awesome. It’s on one of their early singles. Their deal used to be singles were always non-album tracks and this was rereleased with two other singles as a mini-box set (a cardboard sleeve around the original packaging- packaging that somehow managed to raise the ire of Douchefork). Now available on a different comp I think.

The point is, this is a song that is worth buying with 10 other forgettable songs and one other genius song “The State I Am In”. Oh, the song is a duet with a girl and has this swirling, driving whistling outro that is stunning. Scottish indie rock-pop, retro influences, songs about boys and girls and drama in a detached yet emotional Smiths type way.