Sunday, September 04, 2005

Christopher Lydon-The Dresden Dolls

Guest post: mdhatter (a Sadly, No! ALL-STAR)

My favorite song of the moment, a moment being 18
hours +/-, is "Christopher Lydon" from 'A if for
Accident', by the Dresden Dolls. It's a shame their
one radio track is, well, that song you maybe heard.

I like this song today because I am lamenting the loss
of NPR as a leader in the news of my nation. When they
let this master of critical debate get away from their
radio network, chased him out, then Bob Edwards, then
others, then brought in Slate. Well, the pattern is
laid, and my money is going elsewhere. I wish there
were a smaller more independent affiliate with more
PRI, MPR, heck, even pacifica, but there isn't. 'XM'PR
ain't bad. But, the music is the point.

This is a song of the good old days. National radio
personalities that were good enough to play the muse
for massively talented artists.

Lyrics and info here.

Go buy their live album, or see them, their version of
"War Pigs" for Piano and Drum is UN-BE-LIEVABLE.

Editor's Note: Lydon was actually pushed out of WBUR Boston in a salary debate, and was known for difficulty and ego- info here. While derided by some as a pompous ass, others LOVED him.

Editor's other note: is mdhatter trying to make this page look exceedingly liberal? We remember people hating Lydon upon reflection, but we are massively intrigued by any song about him.