Monday, August 01, 2005

We Used To Be Friends-Dandy Warhols

Their videos are not great but you can listen and watch the song for free here.

Our first request of our Song of the Day challenge. This goes out to our loyal reader Iggie. Who is now making me think that I must know his Boston-lovin' tuna sub eating self, and maybe he is sending some bizarre message to me, like I have probably screwed him over somehow and know his comments are the frickin' Tell-Tale Heart thumping away under my floorboards. I totally don't think I killed anyone named Iggie, but if ghosts can post, I may be done for.

Today's song is "We Used To Be Friends" by the Portland retro-psych guitar fuzz jokesters. 3.2 million Americans, probably know this song as the theme song to the delightful "Veronica Mars" that has also featured some cool toons on the show, which probably stopped appearing when they got a full season pick up, because the rights to said cool songs would make the DVD impossible. The show twists the song into a cynical party shout out to all the people that maybe turned their backs on you in high school "We used to be friends/a long time ago/but I haven't thought of you lately at all...(falsetto) cmon now Honey/bring it on bring it on/yeah." Kind of like that 12th grade, f*ck you bastards, I'm shaking my booty on the way out of this joint.
In reality, the song is probably another Courtney Taylor-Taylor (their lead singer) special. He's basically a dick, who's a little (lot) self-absorbed, and the song is basically about, I'm this cool guy, and I just kind of forgot about your existence, which is the ultimate put down. Dick though he may be, these guys are a professional band, and notwithstanding their apparent subpar show at Lollapalooza, everytime I have seen them, they've put on a great show, a long show, and a professional show- they gave a shit, even if Courtney's attitude seemed otherwise. From their underrated more electronic-y, 80s-ish fourth album Welcome to the Monkey House. All albums are good, start with their second Dandy Warhols Come Down which features the stand outs "Be-In", their Neil Young jag-off "Minnesoter" and of course "Hard On (for Jesus)". WUTBF= 9/10, but Iggie, did we???