Thursday, August 18, 2005

Way Out-The La's

The late, great, lamented La's. Part of the English tradition for retro, psychedelic bands with jangly guitars. Many such bands sound derivative, while some sound only like themselves (The Smiths). The La's are in bewtween. Clearly a retro sound, but their sole self titled album is clearly their own work. The song you know is "There She Goes" a perfect slice of jangly strummed guitar pop. In some markets, they even got another song played, "Timeless Melody"- I hold this one closer to my heart, as it has not been covered by a pop band and played in every mall in America. "Way Out" is in a semilar vein, assertive, jangly guitar, paired with gravelly vocals, some hand claps. I always saw our heroes driving into the sunset with the credits rolling listening to the song- "givin' it all you got now..."