Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Use It/Twin Cinema-The New Pornographers

Power pop evil-geniuses continue their assualt on our abilities to resist hookaliciousness. Just when we thought they couldn't become even more harmonious, integrating song-writers and different voices, Carl Newman's straining poptastic lead, Neko Case's booming country belt tamed for AM radio bliss, and Dan Bejar's theatrically leaning croak after second album growth and refinement on The Electric Version. Well, our favorite supergroup of all time returns with two offerings from their forthcoming Twin Cinema LB out August 24. Downloadable here. Both songs show growth, and both are Carl Newman leads with Neko Case backing. Info on their website claims these are the two standouts from the new album, but I would doubt that considering their albums are always chock-a-block full (nary a skippable track to my ears). "Use It" shows more growth, with "Twin Cinema" more of a refined usual track, and each get better with every listen. Some people consider their songs too busy, and "Twin Cinema" has an unfortunate guitar "solo" that detracts from the song, but segues into a nice break, which segues into a nicer break that comes back around the the great intro part, so no probs. "Use It" is more accessible and whets our appetite for the full album.
"You had to send the wrecking crew after me/I can't walk right"