Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Swept Away (Sentimental Version)-The Avett Brothers

Three Bulls! has answered the Jedmunds call- today's song is a country-folksy roots offering from the Avett Brothers called "Swept Away" from their 2004 album Mignonette. Right off the bat we can see that we fucked up when we first bought the non-sentimental version, which is more banjo and like the band is playing at a bar that plays both kinds of music, alt- country and western, whereas the delicate and sensitive "Sentimental Version" has the female back-up and quietly picked and strummed guitar- oh a bonus verse by the backup singer so it is the old sing and response- and the lead vocals are sung in a more emotional and deliberate way. The normal version comes off as straight-ahead and doesn't quite connect, but the feeling in the "Sentimental Version" blows the doors off. A great song. We would guess this should be filed under alt-country, or bluegrass, or a little folky. The stuff that we listen to usually only has a little country flavor ("contains 1% country"), Iron and Wine, Kingsbury Manx, Wilco (not country but they have the roots), Mojave 3, Pernice Brothers, the Sadies, Neko Case, and Rilo Kiley. Easily worth 1.98 plus tax (we'll only count a buck against our stipulated 5. My rule is if you have heard of the band, borrowing is OK to preview, but if you want it, buy it. Support the band. Odds are no one would ever hear of them if everyone stole their shit. And writing about them on Teh internets does not absolve you of your sin against indie music.

Iggie has the next request as her first was already on our shelf. 4 dollars left, people. There have got to be songs out there that you want to share. Or just waste our money, pick something by GG Allin. No link, cobags, you can look it up in Wikipedia.