Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rat in Mi Kitchen-UB 40

I don't know if this song is a cover or an original. It has been requested by Geenie Cola in honor of our apparent rodent houseguest. Our guest is not a rat, but has sadly been marked for death, luckily this liberal non-homeowner is in charge, and this house is not Tora Bora, so there is a good chance that this little furry guy is dead meat. Back to the song- I know UB40 are the touch of death to coolness, but I like this song. "There's a rat in the kitchen/what I'm a gonna do?/I'm gonna feast on rat/that's what I'm gonna do/I'm gonna feast on rat/whoa-oh-oh yeah". A relaxing mix of English dub/reggae superior to their instant-reggae covers, and the extended version has a great Herb Alpert trumpet solo. Reminds me of the 80s in a non-retro cheese way, summer camp, good times. And a soon to be dead mouse. Sorry, PETA. We'll do it as painless as possible, not Abu Ghraib for this little guy.