Friday, August 12, 2005

Ocean Rain-Echo and the Bunnymen

Maybe now that some of Three Bulls! are in love and some have had their hearts broken, more of us will appreciate the complexities of this song. Who knows what this title track from their fourth album? really means, but every note of the song drips with longing/possibly heartbreak/possibly love in a langourous and spare way. Actually romantic strings, minimalist guitar (Will Sergeant is not a guitar genius as has been romaticized, but he is full of good taste and creative), somehow a space wider than an ocean for Ian McCullough to fill with his expansive baritone. He sparingly uses that space between his registers, you know the "Lips Like Sugar" space, until he just absolutely lets go "screaming from beneath the waves/beneath the ocean waves" and you want him to go down, only so you can be released from his power. I love this band and I think this is their best song by far (all the kids these days might know them from "The Killing Moon" which was used in Donnie Darko). That song is also from Ocean Rain, and the band plays the last four songs off the album together in a block. There's a reason why the final song is "Ocean Rain" and not "The Killing Moon".