Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mesh-New Order

Ian Curtis’s all too early exit from this world (the lead singer of what was then Joy Division killed himself before their first US Tour was to start. Joy Division became New Order. The New Order that was then was different from the New Order you think about, the New Order of the sorority girls screaming to each other to flock to the dance floor and the first strains of “Bizarre Love Triangle” (don’t get all pissy, Three Bulls! was slinking onto the floor right behind them). The transition between Joy Division and New Order was never as seamless as on a B-side to the 1981-1982 Everthing’s Gone Green/Temptation EP- “Mesh” (also found of singles comp Substance). The difference being that the synthesizer is less a slash across the starkness of the music like on the Joy Sivision set Closer and, while still stark, and that the darkly, searingly personal vocals of Ian Curtis are replaced by the more distant, almost contemplative (at least on this track) vocals of Bernard Sumner. This track along with the rest of the EP are what I consider to be New Order’s best work, and for those that consider them lightweights, this track is a post-punk classic.