Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kids on Holiday-Animal Collective

A mystical, hushed koan to some airport in Purgatory. The vocals emanate from some crack in the wall as the music, no, the sound shuffles through ambient samples. These guys have been decribed as spacey cracked campfire music embellished with a load of Brian Wilson studio outtakes. I don't know. I think if you can handle the off-kilter nature of this song, it comes across as a spacey poem. Below is a drawing from someone at Tiny Mix Tapes who drew this song.
The whole article is here (you have to see it). The lyrics merely list the observed details of a trip to the airport in a kind of stream of consciousness that feels like monks chanting, their hushed, lilting voices settling you into sleep. For some reason it does not conjure up the airport of today with security delays and fear of terrorism, but the aiport of our childhoods, the gateway to the unknown via the sky chariots of Eastern, Pan-Am, TWA, Braniff.