Monday, August 08, 2005

Hopeless-The Wrens

There's a lot of buzz on SoftD about The Wrens. And for good reason. The featured SoftD song by said group, Surprise, Honeycomb, is one of the great songs. Period. But more mature and moving than Secaucus as a whole was the latest CD by The Wrens, The Meadowlands. This CD tells the story of what happens to rock musicians when they grow up and become adults. There is heartbreak. There is love. There is hurt. There is divorce. There is lonliness. And it is all captured on this fantastic and moving CD.

Hopeless is probably the most, well hopeless, seeming of the tracks. But it really isn't. The theme of the song is the concept of being used. A bad relationship whose only possible conclusion is its termination and where the only dignity that could come of it was in doing the leaving. It's bitter, biting, and in the end justly vindictive. The woman getting served in this song deserves it in the worst way, and the only thing not leaving you crushed to pieces is the righteousness of the anger. For me, this particular lyric sums up the song nicely (full lyrics available here):

and now you're sorry for the things you did to me
I want you to know
I feel I was the one who got used and use to
just about anything you would tell me
I love the contrast between being used and getting used to. Funny that for a song that I like so much, I haven't commented on the music yet. The music is perfect, but I can't describe why. It has the driving guitar, and the beat that starts slow and keeps bulding in tempo and dynamics as the anger grows and grows. And like the words, the music is relentless and loud. The singing is terrific as well. During the more dramatic lyrics, there is some overdubbing that, while not quite harmonic, does sound richer and more joined. This is the song of many men - not one.