Friday, August 05, 2005

The Fitted Shirt-Spoon (Reprise)

NOTE: Jedmunds- we're going with the Pere Ubu coming up- if you feel like gettin' your hands on Surprise, Honeycomb by the Wrens, we think you might like it.

The Uncanny One decided that all he wanted to convey about this song from Spoon's Girls Can Tell was a vaguely Led Zep thump to the drums (think “When The Levee Breaks” for the feel but not the same beat- nothing could be as heavy as Bonzo on that track). Instead I’d like to convey that this song is destined for one place, to be ruined by a shitty movie, while at the same time making that movie worth watching. In the film this song will first be used to show the protagonist getting ready for work, putting on the clothes, walking down the street- Manhattan of course, the skyline shot, the crowd shot, the camera pan up the big tall office building, the protagonist walking in, the song fading out as the asshole boss comes up. Helen Slater, is that you at the drinking fountain? Then the middle portion of the song will be reprised over the credits as scenes of the movie will play into freeze frames, solely for the sake of playing this awesome f*cking song again. The film, if that is what it wants to be called, will of course get the song wrong.

It is not an ode to the working man- it is an to a working man, someone remembering his dad go to work, represented by the fitted shirt. How can a song be so conservative really, and not be reactionary at all? Because being wistful for long gone days, doesn’t mean you are going to force the world back into your own personal dark ages. And besides, in the totally amazing break down we hear “one day it’ll take/ and they’ll start to make/shirts that fit right/til then I suppose/ I still got dad clothes/ I guess that’s alright/”. It may be seen by a shout out to the patriarchy, I see it as a shout out to dad, in a way that’s probably a little conservative (the real definition) and I could get behind that, because you know? He said “its alright.”