Saturday, August 06, 2005

Final Solution- Pere Ubu

How Jedmunds can have a soft, rotten spot in his heart for Oasis, yet treasure the straight-ahead feeling of the Avett Brothers and now this absolute art-punk masterpiece by Pere Ubu? What can I say, Pere Ubu is a band namechecked more by musicians than those not in bands. This song unfolds with a slow grind of a staccato riff, yet seems to proceed in movements. As raw as it sounds, it clearly has been fashioned, there is guitar noise that seems the product of a idiot savant, every squawk, grind, fill seems to fit perfectly organically into the song. It is no use to try to explain it. Hearing this song, was like having 10 songs that probably ripped off its sound on the tip of my tongue, yet not being able to name any of them. Then the last two minutes hit, like a soaring outro, without histrionics, without pandering, the song just goes into a different gear. I feel like Jonny and Ed from Radiohead have this album, even though I can’t say they sound similar. It is like anti-prog that is still prog in that the song has movements and virtuosity of a sort, but none of them conventionally proggy-wank. The only drawback is the phrase “final solution” which for me is too attached to the Holocaust to completely feel comfortable with it in a song, not that this song has anything to do with that. Apprently this song was a single that originated with the band that gave birth to Pere Ubu, and is from ‘76(!!) iTunes says it’s their most popular track, but I would look into more by these guys. Once again, A f*cking plus from the readers. Keep it up kids, we haven’t wasted a buck yet!