Thursday, August 25, 2005

Architecture in Helsinki-It'5!

Architecture in Helsinki are a strange collective. It's probably an Australian thing. I think they make up instruments that they want in a song ahead of time and put the song together around that. Which makes for interesting songs, especially when the tuba is involved. Their previous CD, Fingers Crossed, was all about cutesy and ecelctic music. I like it a lot. It kind of falls into the Elephant 6 subgenre of music, of which I'm a big fan. I like poppy and unabashedly 60's-influenced music.

It'5! is a very different song, from their very different CD In Case We Die. It begins with a chant of the obscure lyric "stranger danger, danger stranger, when you gonna follow through?" And then gets right into a disco beat, which keeps getting interrupted by random things until the song really takes off. Once it does, it resembles a Badly Drawn Boy song more than anything else. Maybe a little Scissors Sister. With the occasional refrain "It's 5!" or "It is 5!". The beat is pretty good. I could almost see someone dancing to the music. Maybe myself .....

I'm curious why people keep comparing In Case We Die to the Fiery Furnaces. I just don't hear it. They happen to be two groups that make diverse sounding music, that sometimes changes abruptly. AiH never sounds proggy while FF is very proggy.