Sunday, July 03, 2005

Wrote for Luck-Happy Mondays

This song off the Bummed album features the Manchester "baggy beat" but also has a feel closer to older bands like the Chameleons UK in its jangly, reverby guitar. This is not a song that reminds of their next album and commercial high point Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches. The Uncanny Canadian hates this song, but the insistence of the guitar riff layered with some chimey bits makes it feel like a Stone Roses hybrid (with that beat) and the ringing stuff from a song like The Chemical Brothers' "Sunshine Underground." A great song. The riff sounds like a jangly version of the same one that U2 probably borrowed from someone else for "The Fly". Bummed is out of print in the US I believe, but you can find it at used CD stores. If you really want to experience this song, avoid the recently released Happy Mondays US Singles compilation, as it has a truncated version.