Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tomorrow- Morrissey (teen angst series)

So Morrissey haters, I hear you. He is an acquired taste. Morrissey, and his famous other band The Smiths, tend to have a couple of types of songs. Some, where the music kind of follows or fills in after his lead ("Last of the Famous International Playboys", "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side", others where the songs seem to have more drive- examples here would be "The Queen is Dead" and "Bigmouth Strikes Again" from The Queen is Dead, my personal fave Smiths album.

These songs that seem to have more impetus are the ones to listen to if you want to try to get Morrissey, however you already have to have somewhat of a bent toward romantic, English guitar angst. The production here is by the late Mick Ronson (from the album Your Arsenal) and he gave Moz a harder more reverby edge. Since this post is about if you were back in high school and just got dumped, hear his words...
Tomorrow, will it really come/
and if it does come/

will I still be human/
all I ask of you is the one thing that you'll never do/
would you put your arms around me...

I won't tell anybody

The awful thing about Moz is he'll turn around and destroy you in the next song for your patheticness, but you were only that pathetic to begin with because he described you so well in the previous one. Other songs I suggest as an intro besides the ones mentioned, "Panic" and "Paint a Vulgar Picture" (The Smiths) and "November Spawned a Monster", "Lucky Lisp", "Suedehead" and "Interesting Drug" (Morrissey solo stuff). Listen, I know, I used to hate him, but he is a lyrical genius and when surrounded by the right musical pieces he hits you right in your poor crumpled teenage heart. Remember when you were young and you cared ever so much about the little things?