Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Surprise, Honeycomb-The Wrens

Eclectic, risen from the grave New Jersey DIY basement rockers The Wrens reissued their almost invisible album Secaucus some years ago to absolute indie acclaim. For fans of messy, esoteric, raw rough gems of songs, Secaucus is not that indie album that can be recommended to anyone. It, however, contains the absolute best, haunting, cryptic, pop-rock song about a serial killer's spree (akin to Martin Sheen's in Badlands, but a more urban feel, and not the MTV of Natural Born Killers). I absolutely cannot do this song justice. It is a song that seems to have many different parts, but you cannot separate them in your mind, and when the song is over, it is gone like a puff of smoke, not in a forgettable way, but in an elusive way that you feel you need to recapture. I usually mention lyrics, because some songs I pay attention and some songs I never notice. I feel like "Surprise, Honeycomb" is a sort of tombstone elegy for sociopath.