Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rhododendron-The Beta Band

There are too few artists in the world that truly ripoff Brian Wilson. Everyone is influenced by his music, but the stuff they steal from him isn't what really in his heart. Beta Band is unafraid to play true homage in so many different songs from their last ever CD (sniff), Heroes to Zeroes. Rhododendron is really a continuation of Let's Go Away for a While, from Pet Sounds. I love the sentimentality of both songs and the unfearing use of percussion.

Beginning with a strange combination of mallet percussion (xylophone?) and weird high synthy instrument, Rhododendron forms a tight little canon with the bells, synth, and finally timpany. It's a quintessential Brian Wilson instrumental arrangement, highly reminiscent of the Holidays instrumental bootleg track from the old SMiLE sessions. I love this song and therefore Pinko will have objections.