Monday, July 11, 2005

If You Fall-Azure Ray

I first heard this song on Indie Pop Rocks on SOMA-FM, a fine internet radio station. It was one of those 'who are these guys and how did they write such an amazing song' moment. Which, upon getting proper confirmation from Pinko Punko that they were truly awesome, led me to the purchase of their CD Hold On Love. It's really not the best album overall, but to its credit, it has "If You Fall". It also has one other very good song, "These White Lights Will Bend to Blue". Good title.

The song begins with the kind of piano line and melody that lets you know right off the bat that this is going to be a fun poppy song. I don't mind that it appears to be about the ups and downs of the pursuit of love or what have you - it's not remotely whiny. The female voices are delightful and wonderfully harmonic. The song has a good beat. It's like a slow version of a Strokes song. It's also a perfect example of why any good song can be made better by adding piano. The song ends with a little strings flourish. What can I say, Azure Ray wrote a really damn cute song and I like it!