Thursday, July 21, 2005

Heart +Soul-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

This is a song for having a romantic relationship hanging in the balance where you recognize the power of the other to do serious damage, while you hold out hope that they won’t. You are in that particular manic “up” phase where you have confidence that it all might work out at the very same time realizing shit is about to be f*cked up. This is before you put on the really aggro stuff or the Smiths. This is the song where it seems the protagonist is wavering between hope and despair, between confidence and insecurity. If the damage has already been done you just blast it thinking what might have been, waiting, wading through the driving fuzzed out guitar, tingling when the woo woo woo woos slide in at the 3:40-something mark to nail it down. Perfect song for the crappy movie you wish were really a music video because all the songs were good. From their decent second effort Take Them On, On Your Own.