Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cornflake Girl-Tori Amos, Blue Skies-BT, Ziggy Stardust-Bauhaus, Duel-Propaganda, Any Lords of Acid

Marcelo P. Camargo Edition-

Marcelo liked lots of kinds of music. Lots meaning even up to and including Celine Dion. His favorite artist was Tori Amos, to the point he was quite proud that he had all of her albums and singles, and many imports and bootlegs too. He definitely liked her music, but he also thought she was a total babe. It was probably her dark side that he liked. He was as mild mannered as anyone could be but he also like Goth tunes. I would ask if you like Tori at all to put your favorite Tori song and why in the comments, because it is something that Marcelo would appreciate.

I am choosing "Cornflake Girl" from Under the Pink for this post because, besides being the best song by Tori that I know, I believe it to be a poignant take on human isolation and the possibly shattering feeling of coming to a realization. "Never was a corn flake girl......This is not really happening/You bet your life it is." I'm sure it is not germane, but the lyrics are cryptic enough they are gonna damn well mean that.

Blue Skies is an empty, soaring techno track (if I used the wrong term go here and correct me) by BT featurind disembodied soaring vocals from Tori Amos that make you wish she did this more often. I think Marcelo liked this song and he would have loved it at the club.

He had a side that he didn't necessarily feel like showing all the time (especially in Mormonville USA)- he liked club music, especially goth and some industrial. We had a joke that this cute teller at our bank would someday say to Marcelo- (he was always chatty, and we talked about it because we worked near each other and I would see him on the way to the bank- he would ask me, do you know X? and I would say "yeah" and he would say "she's a cutie" and I would say "yeah")- anyway we joked that she would say to Marcelo "I just broke up with my fiancee." And Marcelo would say "I'm so sorry, what happened." And she would say "I told him that even though I seem nice and cute, I just want to wear black and be a Goth chick." He was surprised that I knew all the bands that he was talking about, we probably brought it up because I heard him playing something at his house, and was shocked that he liked it.

He loved Bauhaus, and I have chosen a Bauhaus cover of Bowie's Ziggy Stardust for this part of the post. Bauhaus is kind of like a particular flavor or offshoot of David Bowie. It could be because of their similar voices (Peter Murphy and David Bowie), but the dark side of glam always felt a little Gothy to me. I mean once you have the make-up on in your glam phase, how hard is it to put on too much eyeliner?

I have also chosen "Duel" by Propaganda. These early all digital pioneers were really like an electro-pop band fueled by the rich voice of Claudia Bruecken, but they basically sang about S & M stuff, kind of the female, less strutting, more confident version of early Depeche Mode. This song is about S & M- the chorus goes "the first cut won't hurt at all/the second only makes you wonder/the third will have you on your knees/you start bleeding I start screaming". Yet the music comes across as a less romantic OMD. I would also mention another Claudia Bruecken song here, from her work with the duo Act- "Absolutely Immune"- a song about rejecting the cares and slights of those around you, declaring in the chorus "I'm absolutely immune."

Finally, I have to mention Lords of Acid here. These techno-shock assholes are all about sex and disgusting you, with a stomping hardcore beat. I believe the correct term from Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is "downtempo". Anyway we had a yard sale and Marcelo brought some CDs over to sell, that he just didn't listen to anymore. We joked about his Lords of Acid CD Voodoo U. The cover is very risque as you see below. It was tucked into a big pile of lots of other CDs. But as you would have it, some little kid was looking and of course, it is the most brightly colored one in the pile and pulls it out and is about to wave it around his mom. I remember launching myself across the yard to snatch it away before the child was forever scarred by this:
Marcelo, you are in our hearts.